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ZOOM Services - important and useful information

It's absolutely wonderful that we're able to gather together as Churches to worship God 'virtually'.  I think everyone has found this a truly uniting experience and we had well over 60 people on Sunday.  Well done to all of us who are mastering this new technology!

After two weeks of testing our services using ZOOM Cloud Meetings App and receiving very helpful feedback, here are some Do's and Don't's and other information: 

1. DO 'arrive' 15 minutes before the service start time and say hello to some people if you wish.  ZOOM will pick up ALL sounds remember!  Check you have the 'Chat' enabled (see below) and you know how to 'mute' and 'unmute' yourself (see below).  Have a look at the other icons to familiarise yourself with them.

2. When the start time arrives DO stop chatting and 'mute' yourself.  To 'mute' yourself click on the little microphone or speaker icon at the bottom of the screen.  You are muted if there's a line through it.

3. At the start time Justine will introduce the service and then we'll have a period of SILENCE or MUSIC as we all prepare to worship God (just as we do in Church).

4. DO remain muted THROUGHOUT the whole service.  The ONLY time to unmute yourself is a) when we share The Peace or b) you are reading or leading the intercessions.  (This will save Justine from having to think about the muting and make it a better experience for us all.)  Afterwards REMEMBER to mute yourself again.

5. DON'T be tempted to unmute yourself for the hymns or for saying any joint responses - ZOOM picks up ALL sounds with a delay, which is confusing for all of us.  If you can't sing along to the hymns just allow the words and music to touch you.

6. DO look for the 'Chat' icon at the bottom of the screen (or on mobile devices tap / swipe the screen, click on 'Participants' and then 'Chat').  Click on this and you will see a box for typing in any requests for prayer.  Just as in the Facebook Group, type in something and press return/enter.  Time for prayer requests will be given during the Intercessions.

7. MUSIC and HYMNS: following a request for music and hymns we introduced these on Sunday.  Church of England worship MUST comply with the CCLI licencing regulations separately for words and music when 'streaming'.  We are now licensed for the words of numerous hymns, but only for certain music, which limits what can be used (the cost for each music track otherwise is extortionate!).  Please bear with this during the coming weeks.