Night Prayer for Thy Kingdom Come
Ascension Day to Pentecost (13 May - 21 May 2021)

Thy Kingdom Come 2021

The 'Thy Kingdom Come' global prayer movement provides an opportunity for Christians all over the world to purposefully pray for five people they long to come to know the love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ.

We are using the service of Night Prayer as a time of prayer for all who are praying for their five people.  Each evening we focus on a psalm and short reflection before praying, all within the structure of Night Prayer for this season.

The Night Prayer service booklet can be downloaded here to use for individual prayer or at Night Prayer for those who are members of our closed Facebook Group. 

Our Services for the Easter Season

Every Sunday morning at 10.00am

Download a copy of our Easter season service booklet  or follow the service in the window below>>>

All live-streamed on Zoom and our YouTube channel
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Easter Season Service 

Our weekday worship and reflection


 communion bread and wine

Church of England Daily Prayer LINK

Although we cannot physically share the Eucharist together at the moment, we are sharing virtually via a live Zoom service. Our services involve people from all our churches, with a wide variety of song styles.

Although we cannot share bread and wine, we still invite God into our hearts and lives; proclaiming Christ crucified and risen and giving thanks for God's faithful love through broken bread and wine outpoured.