Praying for the people of Ukraine

Praying for the people of Ukraine

Bishop Christopher is calling us all to pray for the people of Ukraine and for peace. You are invited to use the attached prayer in public worship and private intercession.

Bishop Christopher says: “This act of aggression impacts very harmfully on a free, democratic European state and on all the nations of Europe. I exhort you to pray for peace with justice for the people of Ukraine and commend the prayer written by the Dean.”

The Archbishops of Canterbury and York in their joint statement this morning have said: “The horrific and unprovoked attack on Ukraine is an act of great evil. Placing our trust in Jesus Christ, the author of peace, we pray for an urgent ceasefire and a withdrawal of Russian forces. We call for a public decision to choose the way of peace and an international conference to secure long term agreements for stability and lasting peace.”

The Bishop in Europe, The Rt Revd Robert Innes, is co-ordinating an hour of prayer at 6.00pm on Shrove Tuesday which may be joined on YouTube. Details will be circulated when we have them. In addition, the Archbishops have requested prayers in parish churches on Sunday and commended Pope Francis’s call for a day of fasting and prayer on Ash Wednesday.


Praying for the people of Ukraine

The Lord shall give strength to his people;

the Lord shall give his people the blessing of peace.

(Psalm 29.10)


God of strength and peace,

send your blessing on the people of Ukraine.

Sustain them in their struggles,

hold them in their fear,

protect them from all danger

and be for them the hope they desire;

for Jesus Christ’s sake.