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 Both our churches are enthusiastic supporters of the Food Hub 

Food Hub Bishop Jonathan Clarke opening

The Purley Food Hub is

The united response of the Christians of Purley and Kenley Churches Together to the growing food need in our communities in Croydon.  It was opened on the 12th Jan 2013 by the Bishop of Croydon, Jonathan Clark, pictured left.



Who is the Food Hub aiming to help?

People in crisis who are without food. Yes, there are people in these circumstances in our midst. They may have been sick or had a sudden change in their domestic circumstance. They may have had their benefits stopped and are appealing against the decision. A series of events coming together may have left them unable to buy food to meet their basic needs. The Food Hub is seeking to avoid creating long-term dependencies.

How is the Food Hub helping them?

Food Hub TinsBy providing a balanced mix of tinned and other non-perishable food for them to prepare in their own home or living accommodation.




How else is it trying to help?

Where those who are seeking food are not already being helped towards a solution to the underlying problem that gave rise to the crisis to signpost them to agencies that can give them that help. The Food Hub is working to build up its network of these contacts.

How does the Food Hub get the food?

By the generous donations from the congregations of our churches, from individuals, schools, and businesses and by collections at supermarkets. You may have seen a collection at a supermarket locally. Supermarkets are generous in allowing days when volunteers from the Food Hub can invite customers going into the supermarket to consider buying a little extra food to donate. They give them a list of the Food Hub’s current needs. The response is heart-warming. At the Food Hub’s first Saturday collection at one supermarket, customers gave 17 full trolleys of food.

How does the Food Hub give out the food?

The Food Hub is not a ‘drop-in’. Food is given only to people who have one of the Food Hub’s food tickets. They receive a supply of food for three days. The allowance grows with the size of the family.  The image belows shows a 3 day allowance for a family with 6 children.

Typical Amount for 3 days


Who gives out the food tickets?

The Food Hub has an expanding network of Food Ticket Partners. These are agencies and professionals who work with people in crisis and need. They hold tickets they can give to qualifying clients.

How does the Food Hub see future demand?

Growing. The recent choice of Croydon to pilot the cap on Housing Benefit will affect 800 families in Croydon on its own. As services and jobs are cut people who have previously been in long term employment will face new challenges.

How can you help?

By donating food or money at one of our regular collections in church or at a supermarket. The Food Hub is also growing a list of contacts it can call upon when a surge in demand has left it short of particular foods. There are start-up  and on-going costs that need to be met. Money donations are very welcome. You can also volunteer to help with the work. There are a range of jobs that need doing? If your work involves contact with people in crisis you might become a Food Ticket Partner.

How can I contact the Purley Food Hub?

On 07546 635295 or