All Saints and St Barnabas

Visiting for the first time?

Must I dress up?  God is more concerned with your heart than with what you wear.

Where can I sit?  You can sit anywhere in the rows, we call them 'pews'. 

Will I be able to follow the service?  Yes.  You will be given an order of service so you can follow what is going on.  We are always looking at ways to improve this, so please feel free to make helpful suggestions.

Will I be asked to do something the moment I walk into the church?  No. 

What can I expect when I first walk into the church for a Sunday service?  It is likely that you will be greeted by a welcomer at the door.  He or she will give you a service and hymn book, and invite you to sit in the pews.  If the welcomer is helping someone else, you don't have to wait for them to return.  Please feel free to pick up a service and hymn book, which you'll find on a table near to the door you came in through and take a seat. 

What does the word Eucharist mean?  What is a Eucharistic Service?  This is the section in a Eucharistic service (a service that has a Eucharist as part of its structure) when the Priest will use bread and wine to recall the events of the Last Supper as recorded in the Gospels (Luke, chapter 22).  The Priest will pour wine into a chalice (usually silver cup), and place some bread (occasionally wafers will be used instead) on a paten (small plate). 

The Priest will pray over the wine and bread using prayers that recall the events of the Last Supper, but also that ask Jesus to be 'present' in the bread and wine subsequently (read the services page for a fuller explanation).  Usually a Eucharistic service will follow a structure similar to this:  Music, Welcome, Prayers, Bible Readings, Sermon (talk about the readings), Prayers, Music, Eucharist and finally, Music.

All Saints 

Are there toilets in the church?  Yes.  We have good toilet facilities.

Is the church heated?  Yes.  We have recently installed a new boiler.

Is there parking?  Yes.  We have a car park directly outside.  There is also parking on Church Road.  If you have any special access requirements please phone in advance.

Is there coffee after the service?  Yes.  And biscuits. Sometimes cake!

St Barnabas

Are there toilets in the church?  Yes.  We also have a fully accessible toilet in the adjoining Church Hall. 

Is the church heated?  Yes

Is there parking?  There is parking on Higher Drive and a limited amount of space for people with disabled badges immediately outside the church. Call in advance if you have any questions or special requirements

Is there coffee after the service?  Most definitely.  And biscuits. And tea. Sometimes cake.