Meeting Time/Days: Sundays 9.30am (starting and ending in the main service with the older congregation – except 2nd Sundays, when we remain in the family service throughout)

Venue: All Saints’ Church (in the hall, or whichever space the older congregation isn’t occupying)

Contact: Parish Office for more information

While the older congregation hears the word of God, prays and worships; we play games and do activities that help us think about what God is telling us, through the day’s Bible readings.  We start off in the main service for the first hymn and prayer, then go back in at the end for a blessing at the Communion rail and the final hymn.

In between, there may be a lot of running, hopping, scrambling over things or crawling under them, as well as building or exploring and sitting around the table making, drawing or doing puzzles and word searches. We will always focus on at least one of the day’s Bible readings, so that we can hear what Jesus knew about God from the Old Testament and find out from the New Testament  what he, himself, said and did.

Anyone from age 3 to 17 is welcome!  But be warned, if you’re a bit older, you’ll spend part of the time fitting in with (or helping with) the younger ones’ games and activities on the Bible topic, not just discussing what it means for your own life.