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Every third Wednesday in the month

3:30pm to 5:30pm

St Barnabas Church Purley


Messy Church at St Barnabas is a monthly Wednesday event and provides a chance for families to meet as a community for friendship, fun and gentle spiritual exploration.  Messy Church involves lots of fun craft activities, celebration, a meal and naturally a chance for the numerous children and parents to make many friends.  Suggested donation is £2 per family.  If you would like to pop along please do register by contacting our Parish Office (020 8660 3251), or simply turn up and enjoy a warm welcome and a good cup of coffee.  In the meantime if you want to find out more please watch the clip below. 

Please be aware that your children are your responsibility at Messy Church.

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The Messy Church Organisers with the Founder of Messy Church, Lucy Moore

   Messy Organisers and Lucy Moore


The shape of Messy Church

3.30 Welcome Time(3.15-4pm)

Resting time for people to relax and chat      

Teas/Coffees provided

4pm Introduction

Subject for today

Activities where adults can participate with children

5pm Celebration

Gathering in the church

Incorporating arts/crafts carried out in activities into the story for biblical terms.

Sing easy going hymns and songs, universal to all.

Prayer universal

5.15 Meal

Sit down meal




Wendy & Leigh Jackson

Messy Church

 Our wonderful Messy Church has been running now for around 3 years. It is a shared ministry between the churches, and is held on the third Wednesday in every month between 3.30pm and 5.30pm in St Barnabas Church Hall.  Most children who attend are from birth through to around age 10 years. Grown-ups stay with their children and remain responsible for them. 

It was the passionate vision of Revd Chris Thomson to begin this Ministry to reach out to those in our community with young children who might not, for various reasons, attend a traditionally-held church service on a Sunday.  This touched and inspired others in our churches and our community, who 'caught the vision' and worked with Revd Chris to make it a reality. Thanks must go to these 'pioneers' who saw beyond church on a Sunday, and some of whom are still with Messy today. 

Messy on Wednesdays once a month IS church for the majority of our Messy families.  It is a fun time of crafts, sharing in food, drink and friendship, and learning more through story, song and prayer, always pointing to Jesus. 

For our volunteers, it is a warm opportunity to share 'church' with the many young families who live in our community and go to our local schools. As one of our newer volunteers said to me "it gave me such a lovely warm feeling to be recognised by one of the children, as soon as he arrived he gave me the biggest possible smile of recognition". Another told me "I love this time of sharing Jesus with the children". 

At April Messy we offered out the Crosses-in-my-pocket that had been stitched by church members. The adults of 53 children took these, with such warm thanks and appreciation at the work that had been put in to them and also pleasure at the prayer tucked inside. Some asked for an extra one to give to a dad or a friend. Several told me at May Messy that they had carried their cross in their pocket ever since and every time they put their hand in their pocket, they touched it and remembered where and how they had got it.

 We don't always know how and where a Ministry like Messy will touch and impact people's lives. It may be the hazy memory of an adult, thinking back to when they were 5 years old and came to Messy, prompting them to explore the services at their local church. It may be that very grown up 40 year old hearing the call to priesthood, touching the cross still held in their pocket and remembering one of their first experiences of God was at Messy. 

Ponder deeply on this fact .... on Wednesday 17 May, 65 children and their adults came to church to learn more about Jesus ..... wow! 

As Leigh and I take on the role of Messy Church 'Mum and Dad' from Revd Chris, and under the guidance of Revd Elizabeth, we'd like to leave you with this thought, that maybe, just maybe sharing in this Messy Church Ministry is for you. If you feel that little tug, do feel free to contact us on: or you can also find us each Sunday morning at The Hayes Church Kenley or contact us through the StB/ASK church office on

Do come and join in the fun. 

The thanks and love of our Messy families go with Revd Chris and Donna as they move to the South West to start their new adventure. 

"Then people brought little children to Jesus for him to place his hands on them and pray for them. But the disciples rebuked them. Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” 

Matthew 19:13-14

Wendy and Leigh Jackson

The Hayes Church


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